December Bella Box – Opening & Review

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This is the first month that I decided to sign up to Bella Box and I am so excited with what I received. I watched a lot of unboxings before I finally signed up and I thought I would share as well; I am also going to include what my samples are worth and if I would actually use them.


For those of you that don’t know, Bella Box is a monthly beauty subscription box where you can a minimum of 5 sample size items. The great thing about this box though is that you are able to receive full-size items occasionally, which is awesome.


Stylondon Eye Shadow Palette – Sloane $17.00


I was pretty excited to receive this eyeshadow palette and was very happy to get a full palette from this box. I normally do not go for more affordable eyeshadow palettes as normally I find they are not very good and would prefer to pay for better quality. I am looking forward to seeing if this palette is going to be good or not. I do really like the colours and found that they are much more interesting shades in person rather than in photos.


La Roche-Posay/Anthelios Ultra Light Tinted Fluid SPF50+ – $3.47

December Bella Box 4

I have never really tried any facial sunscreens before and have been meaning to. As I am a ginger, sun care is very important for me and normally I just use sunscreen under my makeup, but I do find that it doesn’t work too well as my makeup tends to slide around. I am looking forward to seeing how this product goes. A full size is 50ml and retails for $28.95; I do think that is a bit expensive, but we will see if it is good.


Dream Dots – $19.99


This is my second full-size item in this box and I am extremely happy with that. This box has 24 dots in it and basically, you place the dot over a breakout and leave it on overnight. In the morning, after using these dots, you are supposed to visibly notice a difference in your breakout. I don’t break out very much and so something like this would be great for me as it is affordable but should help with the odd breakout. I have tried one already and I did notice a difference which is awesome.


Justice Professional Shampoo and Conditioner – $8.00

December Bella Box 3

I next received this shampoo and conditioner which did count as two samples which at first I was bummed about, but then I kind of thought, well you would buy them separately at the shops, so that is valid. This brand is the Just Cuts owned brand. I have had my hair cut and washed from there before and really loved the way my hair felt afterwards. I normally buy just shampoo and conditioner from the chemist (drug store) so it will be interesting to see if salon shampoo is better.


Zuii Certified Organic Flora Foundation Primer – $1.74

December Bella Box 9

This item was classed as a bonus item, which I believe is usually a tiny sample, but doesn’t actually count as one of the five samples. Now, for me personally, I don’t believe in face primers as I don’t believe they do anything for me. I also hate these little sachets as I find them hard to use and you only really get one use from them. I probably won’t use this sample, but I will try and make an effort to use it up. The fact I don’t really love this sample is okay with me, considering it is only a bonus item.

Box Breakdown:

  • Value – $50.21
  • Samples – 5 + 1 bonus
  • Full-Size Products – 2
  • How many will I actually use? – 5
  • Value of Products I will use? $48.47


Overall, I really loved my first experience with the Bella Box. I only paid $17.95 for my box and yet I got roughly $50 worth of product which is just fantastic. I really did like the things I received in the box and they were definitely things that I wouldn’t normally go for, which was the reason I picked up this subscription. I have heard that sometimes Bella Box makes their first boxes great and they do go downhill as the subscription goes on, so we will just have to wait and see. I can’t wait for next months box.

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Disclaimer: I purchased this subscription with my own money and have not been paid to say anything positive. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Primer is great if you are doing a full face of makeup for a shoot/special event. Perhaps cause I am so old I notice the difference 😂
    Sunscreen is a must though – always buy a moisturizer with sunscreen in it and you can’t go wrong!!!!


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