Welcome to my Blog!

I have been interested in vintage and the fifties for as long as I can remember. For a very long time I never had the confidence to wear this amazing style; then one day I just thought, why not?!

Since 2015 I decided to change my style and ever since then I have learnt so much about Hair, Makeup, Fashion, Modelling and Sewing. I would love to not only share some of these amazing skills I have learnt with you guys, but hopefully learn more along the way. I have been interested in the beauty community since I was about fourteen and would constantly watch videos on Youtube.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia and love this beautiful city. I thought I was add a more casual lifestyle aspect to my blog as well by having a My Life category for anyone who is interested in seeing what me and Chris (my boyfriend) get up to from time to time.

If you would like to contact me for any information, please email me at misspebblesgirl@gmail.com.

I also have a Facebook and Instagram that I would love if you guys could follow. Both are @misspebblesgirl