Christmas Photo Shoot 2017

Christmas is by far one of my favourite times of the year and I couldn’t help but want to do a little photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree. I am not sure why, but there is something magical about this time of the year and I just can’t help but want to be as festive as I can.

Last year a Christmas time, I tried to dress in nothing but seasonal outfits and I found it so much fun, I decided to do it again this year. One thing I am struggling with a little bit though, is trying to not repeat outfits from the year before. I did, however had to pull out some old favourites including my suspenders, brooches and Christmas skirts.

For this outfit, I decided to go with this amazing Alpine skirt from Lindy Bop. I just love the colours on this skirt as well as the amazing print. I do wish that it was Winter time here is Australia as fun prints like this just make me want to go out in the snow and enjoy a magical white Christmas.

Since it is getting towards the end of the year, I feel like I have been reflecting a lot more recently and when I look at these photos, I can really see a big difference in myself. I have wanted to have a blog for so long and I am so glad that this year was finally the year I decided to make this dream a reality. As for my ‘modelling’, I have noticed a huge improvement from the occasional photos we would take last year and I can even notice a difference in the photos from the start of my blog (even though it was only a few months ago).


For me personally, Christmas really is such a fantastic time of the year. I absolutely love going to as many Christmas events as I can and I am so excited to have tickets to the Vision Christmas Carols Rehearsal. I have watched these carols nearly every year since I was young and have always wanted to go. We decided to go to the rehearsals since I am a huge Nanna and can not stay up very late and always end up falling asleep on the couch.

I really loved doing this mini photo shoot in front of my Christmas tree and was pretty happy when my dog Jemma wanted to join in. I know the back ground is not completely perfect, but I still really loved the way these photos came out. I also really enjoyed playing around with editing photos a little bit more and even though I don’t actually edit myself in the photo, it was fun to change the filters to make things a little more magical.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas filled with as much love and joy as possible. Please be sure to check out my social media for more holiday fun.

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Instagram – @misspebblesgirl


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