April Bella Box

I was so excited for this months Bellabox since I knew I was going to get a full-sized NYX eyeshadow palette. I always love seeing the sneak peeks that Bellabox gives on their Instagram and I knew I would not be disappointed this month.

april bella 1


NYX Avant Pop! Eyeshadow Palette – $34.95

april bella 2

This box definitely started off with a bang and I was so happy to receive another full-sized eyeshadow palette from Bellabox. I had tried NYX eyeshadows years ago and was very impressed, but just never got around to actually purchasing more. We were able to choose which palette we wanted and I went for ‘Art Throb’ since it had beautiful bright colours and I felt so inspired when I saw the shades. I have already swatched and played around with these colours and I am very much in love.


Pixi Shea Butter Tinted Lip Balm – $14.95

april bella 3

This was the second product that I knew I would be receiving and I was very happy. I know that Pixi is a brand I have heard a bit about but have just never tried anything from them. I personally love tinted lip balms for ‘every day’ since I don’t particularly like wearing lipstick to work. I will admit, $15 for a tinted lip balm seems extremely expensive, however, I am still excited to give it a go.


Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask – $5.80

april bella 5

This is the second product that I have received from Blaq from Bellabox and I was pretty excited to give these a go. I really enjoy sheet masks and I have been seeing eye masks pop up a lot recently and just haven’t gotten around to trying them. I have heard great things from this company when it comes to skincare, so I am pretty pumped to give this a go.


L’Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist – $4.50

april bella 4

I have never really used a pillow mist before, but I have in the past used essential oils on my pillow to help me sleep, so I was interested in this product. I won’t lie, this is not something I would have picked for myself, but this is one of the reasons I have a beauty box subscription, to try new things. I really like the smell of this mist since it has orange, mandarin and lavender, which is right down my ally. I am interested to see if this helps me sleep any better.


Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes – $2.23

april bella 6.jpg

What girl doesn’t use makeup wipes? I always used makeup wipes, especially on the weekends when we get home from dinner and I’d already had a shower early on, but want to remove my night’s makeup. I haven’t tried these makeup wipes yet and am pretty happy to give them a go.


Elastoplast Don’t Worry/Be Happy Plasters – $0.32

april bella 7.jpg

This was our bonus sample this month and I thought that these band-aids were super cute. I am a bit of a silly person and always doing something to myself, so I put these into my handbag. I really like the colours on these and thought that they were a lovely bonus sample.


Box Breakdown:

  • Value – $62.75
  • Samples – 5 + 1 bonus
  • Full-Size Products – 2
  • How many will I actually use? – 6
  • Value of Products I will use? $62.75


I was extremely happy with my box this month and am so excited to dig into that eyeshadow palette. There were a few things in this box that I either haven’t tried or wouldn’t have usually picked for myself and I really appreciate that since that was the point of getting this box.


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Disclaimer: I purchased this subscription with my own money and have not been paid to say anything positive. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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