Get Ready with Me (Featuring Fiance) – Dita Von Teese Melbourne

We were so excited and lucky to be able to see Dita Von Teese for the second time and she definitely did not disappoint. I decided to share how I did my makeup with you guys and what I used. I really enjoy getting a little dressed up and doing my makeup. I won’t lie, I didn’t do traditionally vintage makeup and I didn’t do liner either, but I hope you enjoy this anyways.

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I always like starting off with my eyes since if I have any fallout, I can clean up without having to ruin my face makeup. I recently bought this Zoeva Eyeshadow Primer and I really enjoy it so far. This is a mattifying primer and I don’t really think it matters, but an eyeshadow primer will do or using concealer with setting powder.

I used my Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette for the look and this palette really has become one of my favourites. I started off with Cocoa Truffle and blended it with a fluffy brush into the crease. I then went in with a much smaller blending brush and added a small amount of Decadent into the outer V of my eye to darken the whole look up. I then finished off with using Gold Dipped over my lid, applying the colour with my finger and blending out slightly with my fluffy blending brush. The look was very simple, but the foiled shadow really does make the whole look so much more complicated.

dita 23.jpg

I then finished off the eye with a kohl eyeliner and mascara. I used my Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in my waterline to darken the whole look up and create a more night look. This technique does make the eyes look a little smaller so do keep that in mind. I then went in with my Maybelline Full n Soft mascara to darken and make my lashes more full. I personally do not use fake lashes since I wear glasses, but if you would like to, I do think it would add more to the look.



dita 24.jpg

I don’t personally use a primer as I don’t think it does anything for my skin, but that doesn’t mean that primer won’t work for you. I went in with my Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation as I really enjoy the way this foundation looks on my skin. This foundation is a tad too dark for me, but I did make it work. I used a blending sponge to apply the foundation as it adds a little more coverage which I wanted for the night. I then went in with my Maybelline 24hr Concealer to brighten and conceal my under eye circles. This is a new concealer to me, but so far I really enjoy it. I once again used my blending sponge to blend out the concealer.

dita 17

I set all of that with my Maybelline Fit Me Powder which is a product I have been using recently. I find most setting powders to be much the muchness, but this did keep me matte for a really long time as well as providing a bit of extra colour. I did sweat a lot while waiting for the doors to open at the theatre and my makeup didn’t move or become shiny.

For the cheeks, I started off with my Benefit Hoola Bronzer to bronze up my skin as well as do some light contouring. I don’t really contour too much and I also don’t normally use two separate products for this as I don’t feel too confident in that department. I then used my Manna Kadar Paradise Pearlized Blush which I had gotten in my February Bellabox and I actually really liked it. This blush was very pigmented and I sort of used a bit too much, but the colour was so pretty. I finished my cheeks off with my Becca Highlighter in Opal which is just such a beautiful highlighter for my pale skin. I got this sample size with an order that I made a Sephora and it is a really decent sized sample.

dita 14.jpg

My last step was to set all of my face makeup with my MUD setting spray. This product really does help make my makeup last all night long.



dita 16

I am definitely not an eyebrow queen and personally find that my eyebrows don’t need to much work. I did, however, use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip in Caramel to fill in my brows and help with some more definition. This colour is a little bit too dark for me as I purchased this online, but with a light hand, I can make it work. I find this brow dip to be so easy to use and lasts all night. I focus the majority of the product at the beginning of my brown filling in any gaps in my brows. I then define my arch whilst bringing out the tail a little longer.



dita 19.jpg

I finished off this whole look with my NYX Soft Matte Cream in Monte Carlo. I will be doing a review on this product soon, but I will admit, this liquid lip really did not work for me. I loved the colour and I felt as though it pulled the whole look together, however, I did have some serious lip drama the whole night.


dita 3.jpg

For my outfit, I chose to go with my slightly sexy red Pinup Girl Clothing Renee Dress in red. Unfortunately, I do not think they are selling this colour anymore, but still, have this cut dress in different fabrics. I then paired it with this super cute shrug I got from the thrift shop. I accidentally got myself a Tshirt tan line from work and wanted to cover that up, so this shrug did perfectly. I ended up wearing some leopard ballet flats I got from Kmart and I am actually surprised how comfy they are; normally I struggle with flats being scratchy on my heel and causing blisters, but these didn’t do that which is great.

Chris was happy enough to pose for an outfit photo and I thought I’d share for any vintage men out there. He is wearing a plain white collared shirt I got him from Kmart; I personally find that white shirts stain so fast, so we prefer to get the cheaper ones, but normally for his other shirts, we go somewhere else. His vest is from Connor, which has become one of his favourite shops and he gets most of his nicer clothing from there. As for his bowtie, I got that from eBay and unfortunately, he doesn’t remember where his suit pants are from. eBay is the best place for buying bowties, they’re so cheap and come in great colours. His shoes are also from Kmart. His pride and joy watch is from Glycine and has been obsessed with this watch ever since I met him and saved up so hard to be able to afford it.


Overall, we had a fantastic night. Dita is such an amazing performer and all of the other dancers were just as amazing. I love going to see shows with Chris and I love how supportive he is with my blog and is always happy to either take a photo for me or be in some of them. This style of post is still very new to me so I hope you guys still enjoyed this.


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Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money (or gifted to me for a gift from family/friends) and I have not been paid to include any of them. All opinions are my own. 

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