Turning a Day Look into a Night Look

If you are anything like me, I often will do my makeup in the morning and then when we go out at night, typically to dinner on a Saturday, I don’t really want to take all my makeup off and start again. I absolutely love to make my day makeup turn into something a little darker for the night time and I do find it to be extremely easy. Most of the time, this look takes me a total of about five minutes which I love.


Step 1 – Mac Fix+

Day 2 night 6

So the first step in turning my day look into a night look is by spraying my face with fix+. I find that this makes my makeup go back to the point before I set my makeup which allows me to fix up any of the flaws that may have come up during the day.


Step 2 – Concealer

Day 2 night 1

Even though the makeup I use is pretty good and lasts a pretty long time, I do often find a tiny bit of concealer fixes any small imperfections that might have appeared throughout the day. I normally only apply a small amount of concealer on my cheeks and under my eyes which is wear my makeup normally fades first. If your makeup fades in a different area, then, of course, you can apply your concealer where ever needed. I don’t always do this step as sometimes I don’t need it.


Step 3: Setting Powder

Day 2 night 5

Resetting my makeup with a setting powder really does make a difference. I personally am not a super oily person, but this simple step really does seem to make a difference by making my skin fully matte again as well as giving me a tiny bit of extra coverage. I normally use a Kabuki brush for this step as I find that it helps pack plenty of powder on without looking cakey.


Step 4: Re-applying Cheek Powder

Day 2 night 7

The next step is one that is slightly different per person and that is to reapply any cheek powder. Now after the concealing and the setting of the face, I find that my cheek colours have normally been covered up and so I typically will reapply. Now depending on how I am feeling, I personally will only apply bronzer/contour and some highlight as I personally am not a blush fan, but for the purpose of this post, I did include a blush colour too.


Step 5: Darken Up Eyeshadow



Now onto eyes, I normally will use the same palette that I used earlier in the day, which for me on this occasion was my BYS peach palette. Now in the morning, I used the colours Danty (1) on the lid, Lavish (2) and Peachy (3) in the crease, followed by Cheeky (4) in the outer corner. When I decided to darken up the look for night time, I went back in with Cheeky (4) in the crease and then added Brazen (5) in the outer corner and brung it into the crease a little bit to darken everything up.


Step 6: Fix Wing Liner

Day 2 night 2

Now if you don’t wear wing liner, you can skip this step, but as a vintage lover, a wing is always a must. Now I don’t normally need to reapply the whole liner, but since I did darken up my eyeshadow, often my liner gets covered a little bit. Fixing up my eyeliner normally just consists of blackening up any areas that are no longer black. Normally this steps takes me less than 30 seconds to do since the liner is already there.


Step 7: Darken the Waterline

Day 2 night 4.jpg

Now, this is most definitely an optional step as I know many people do not like to add a liner to their waterline, but I love doing this step. Now darkening up the waterline does often make the eyes look smaller, but at night time, I do think it makes the eyes look extremely sexy. This is just a step that I personally like to do and I prefer the way my eye look with a small amount of black added to them.


Step 8: Dark Lipstick

Day 2 night 3

The last step is once again another optional step (of course all steps are optional really) and that is to apply some dark lipstick. As a vintage girl, lipstick is a massive staple and I love wearing bright lipstick during the day, then going with a more dark lipstick at night. I find that a dark lipstick really makes any night time look pop so much and I just love it so much.




In my own personal opinion, I don’t find these looks to be too different but instead just a day version and night version, which is exactly what I was going for. I find that doing these steps, even though there seems like a lot of them, it tends to take me only about 5 minutes to complete this look. Since most of the makeup is already there, all I feel like this is doing is just touching up and changing some of the tones to a darker feel.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know what you guys do to make your makeup go from day to night.

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Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money and I have not been paid to include any of them. All opinions are my own. 

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