February Bellabox – Opening & Review

It is that time again of the month where I get to open and share my Bellabox with you guys. Like the past couple of months, not only will I be showing you guys what I got, but I will also be reviewing how I actually feel about the box. This boxes theme was ‘Loved Up’ which is super fitting for the month of February.

Feb bella 8


Manna Kadar Pearlised Powder – $19

Feb bella 2.jpg

So the first thing that I received this month was this beautiful pearlised powder and I chose the colour Paradise Blush. There was the option of picking a 3 in 1 shade, highlighter or eyeshadow and since I don’t own many blushes, I thought I would pick that shade. Now I do find the product to be extremely small and the packaging does feel very cheap as well as being extremely difficult to open. The colour of the powder is beautiful though and does swatch amazing, so I am excited to give it a go.


Original Source Shower Milk – $4

Feb bella 3

I have used the Original Source body washes a lot in the past and I know I love them. I have not, however, tried their shower milk and I am super excited. I got the Banana and Bamboo scent which smells very natural and I would say more like bamboo vs banana, but I do really like it.


Palmer’s Multi Effect Facial Oil – $?

Feb bella 4

Now I just want to honestly say that this sample is so small and I am a bit annoyed that it is counted as one of our 5 samples instead of being a bonus sample. I wasn’t able to work out the cost of this since the packaging does not say how much is in here. I love Palmer’s a lot and I am very keen to give this a go, but considering the full size is only $20, why is the sample so small?


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel – $1.80

Feb bella 5.jpg

I have received something from La Roche-Posay in all three of my bellaboxes so far and I have to admit, they have become a brand that I really enjoy using. The brand is pretty expensive in price, but I am so keen to keep trying out their products. I do enjoy using cleansers and even though there isn’t really much about this cleanser that stands out from the others, I am still keen to give it a go.


Luiere Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask – $12.50

Feb bella 7

I have never heard of this brand before and supposedly the only place you can buy this mask from it the actually Luiere website. This sheet mask is pretty expensive and is actually more expensive than some of the masks you can get from Mecca which is very interesting. I personally don’t see the point in paying so much for a mask considering I try to use 1-2 a week, however, I am excited to see if there is a big difference in quality.


Lavera Firming Day Cream – $0.80

Feb bella 6

Our bonus sample this month was a day cream from Lavera. I have not heard of this company before and am keen to try this sample. It is only a little sachet, however, it was also a bonus, so I am not complaining.


Hello Fresh Gift Voucher

Feb bella 1.jpg

We also received a Hello Fresh gift voucher in our box this month. I honestly probably will not use this as I am not super interested in the service and have heard some bad things about this company. I do appreciate the idea and if you were interested in this service, then it is cool you get some money off.


Box Breakdown:

  • Value – $38.10
  • Samples – 5 + 1 bonus
  • Full-Size Products – 3
  • How many will I actually use? – 6
  • Value of Products I will use? $38.10


Feb Bella.jpg

I won’t lie, I do have slightly mixed feelings about this months box. Firstly, it is the first box that I reviewed in which I would actually use all the products, however, none of the products is super exciting. I didn’t really open this box and go ‘WOW’ and the thing is, I did actually see the February unboxing post that Bellabox had on their website and I also wasn’t really excited for any of the products I didn’t get either. However, all the products in the box this month I find are a little more functional than previous months.

This months box also was pretty low in the price range compared to my previous boxes. Since I didn’t know how big the facial oil was, the worth of this box is not completely accurate, but I am sure it is pretty close. The thing is though, my first box was worth roughly $50 and my second was worth roughly $90, so I did receive a fair amount of extra product in both of those boxes versus this one. I have two feelings about this, the first one is that I don’t believe that Bellabox as a company could give their Bellas $90 worth of product every single month when their customers only pay $18; so I definitely do not expect my boxes to be worth that much all the time. On top of that, I still got nearly $20 worth of free product in this months box, so I am very grateful. However, my second thought is that I have heard some people say that their first few boxes where great then the quality went down, so hopefully this is not the start of that.


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Disclaimer: I purchased this subscription with my own money and have not been paid to say anything positive. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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