Day in the Life – Ballarat Beat 2018

On the second weekend of this month, it was the Ballarat Beat Festival, which some people might say that it is one of the biggest Vintage Festivals here in Melbourne. I personally have never been before, but I was extremely to attend and watch some fellow Pinups strut their stuff on stage, as well as look at some amazing cars.

Ballarat 2018 2

We started off first by looking around at the beautiful vintage cars. I won’t lie, there weren’t as many cars there as I was expecting, but they were still so amazing to look at. I don’t know too much about vintage cars but I just can’t get over by how much effort and work goes into these vehicles. The small details like a vintage picnic set in the boot or a small amount of rust just make these cars pop so much and I really appreciate the way they look.


We then went and had a look at the markets, which was definitely so exciting, but so bad for our bank account. It is so lovely to see so many crafters who sell their handmade items as well as small business owners who sell both vintages as well as vintage reproduction clothing. We managed to pick up a few items including two lovely dresses, a beautiful lightly knitted top, a nylon scarf and a wonderful collard shirt for Chris. We also found a cute shop that was selling wax melts and I am an addict for candles and wax.


The main event for us was the Pinup competition, but before that, we were able to watch a little fashion show that displayed some amazing local vintage sellers. One thing that I love the most about the vintage community is that all shapes, sizes and ages are accepted. This wonderful fashion shows that we were able to watch included models who were older, curvy, teens and everyone in between, which was just so inspiring to see. All of the models did such a great job and I was able to see some amazing businesses that I have never heard of before, but are so excited to shop with.

Ballarat 2018 7.jpg

Finally, we were able to watch the Pinups Competition. I have heard that this is one of the best Vintage competitions to watch and I was excited to see so many lovely ladies who I follow on Instagram get out on stage. I was so amazed by how much effort these ladies went to and it was literally like watching a show. Each lady did completely different acts and came up with some awesome ideas that I just never even thought of. After my first competition, I know exactly how hard it is to get the guts to go up on stage and I won’t lie, it was much nicer to sit and watch rather than compete myself. We weren’t able to get too many photos of the show as we were sitting amongst the crowd, but I can assure you that these beautiful Melbourne pinups did an amazing job.

Ballarat 2018 8.jpg

We had such a wonderful day at the Ballarat Beat and I can not wait to go again next year. It is a whole weekend event and maybe next time we can get some accommodation and attend the entire event. I am so happy to be part of this community and all these lovely ladies are just so lovely to be around.

Instagram – @misspebblesgirl

Facebook – @misspebblesgirl

Disclaimer: I didn’t want to include any photos of the pinups in case I did not have permission from them. 

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