Beach Dress – McCall’s Pattern M7081

I hope you are all having a great year so far! I am so excited to share this dress with you guys because it is my first ever dress that I made myself. I have been making my own clothes for well over two years now, but I have only really make circle skirts and gathered skirts as they are super easy. I really own way too many skirts now and I want to step into the sewing dress world.

I decided to use this pattern by McCall’s which is the M7081 and I used the dress B with some minor changes. Dress A & B are very similar, but dress B is longer and comes with the option of having an accent colour, which I chose not to do. I also decided to add a little sleeve on the dress like in dress C. This is one thing I love very much about sewing because you can mix and match patterns together to create your own dress instead of just getting what you are given.

This was the first dress that I have completed and even though I have attempted other dresses in the past, they really haven’t worked out. Despite this pattern not saying anything about being an easy pattern, I really did find that it was and I was able to complete this on my own, with a small amount of assistance from my Mum who is an amazing dressmaker. I found the instructions of this dress to be pretty simple and easy to follow, which is great for someone like me who is new to using patterns.

I absolutely love the top of the dress and really enjoy the small gathered details on the front. The one thing I will say about this dress though is I did find the top part of this dress to be a little big compared to the bottom of the skirt. Now I am a beginner sewer so I am sure I could have fixed this, however, I wasn’t entirely sure how to. I would have thought though, that the top would not have been so large since everywhere else seemed to fit perfectly.

Mccalls Beach 37

I really love the fact that the bottom of this dress is a circle skirt since I find them extremely fun to wear. Now the thing about a dress though is that it normally doesn’t really matter too much what the skirt is in the pattern because you can most of the time always change it, but I was happy that it already had a circle skirt. I will admit though, circle skirts use so much fabric and tend to have a lot of waste which is annoying, but they really are worth it.

Mccalls Beach 29

Overall, I really did like this dress pattern. I have never really used a sewing pattern before since I have mostly sewed skirts which don’t really require them, but I am so excited to sew more patterns. Even though this dress was not an actual vintage pattern, I still find this to be a very vintage dress and depending on how you style it, this pattern could most definitely be used for more modern looks.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this sewing post. I love to make my own clothes but unfortunately, it does take a fair amount of time and I never seem to have enough time in my day. I have so many amazing patterns and fabric just waiting to be turned into wonderful clothes and I can’t wait to share more with you guys.


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Disclaimer: I paid for all of these products myself and am not being paid to include this pattern. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Well done! You did such a great job! My first dress was certainly nowhere near as nice as this one! You should be incredibly proud of yourself! 🙂


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