Ugly Sweater Photo Shoot

I just want to start off by saying that ugly sweaters are seriously one of my favourite items of clothing. Now I personally do not think they are ugly, but that is sort of what they are currently called. For any knitters out there, this design of knitting is actually called Fair Isle and it is so beautiful, but a little complicated to make by hand (trust me, I have tried). I am currently in the processes of making my Mum a handmade fair isle wonder woman top and I think it will be the first and last top I knit.

For this outfit, I started off my incredible knitted jumper. I somehow managed to find this at the thrift shop and it was one of those pieces that I have personally never seen before and probably never will again. However, on the flip side, I have been seeing a lot more ‘modern’ store at the shopping centre/mall stock items similar to this and I am really excited to see what new stuff they bring out as us Australians head into winter.

Louella DeVille Lurlene Denim Jump-Skirt 7.jpg

For the rest of my outfit, I decided to wear my Louella DeVille overall dress and lobster brooch. This brooch has to be one of my favourite brooches that I own; it is so simple and a little silly, but I just think that that randomness of a lobster in your outfit just makes things super quirky.

Louella DeVille Lurlene Denim Jump-Skirt 10.jpg

I also added my Off Ya Tree petticoat to this outfit, which does make a huge difference to the whole outfit. When I first started wearing vintage, I didn’t own a petticoat and always wondered why my skirts weren’t super puffy. A petticoat is a very simple item and sometimes, you wouldn’t think they’d make a huge difference, but I find that they really do.

Louella DeVille Lurlene Denim Jump-Skirt 1

I really enjoyed taking photos in this outfit. I just love how unique fair isle sweaters are and I find it extremely fun to pair crazy items with more subtle pieces like my denim overalls. I do definitely believe that finding a style that you love and feel comfortable in is so important and even though it sounds a little vain, I do find that I have so much more confidence now than I used to.

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos and outfit. I really enjoyed taking photos of this outfit and even though I am still getting used to being in front of the camera, but I do find it so much fun.


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Disclaimer: I paid for all of these products myself and am not being paid to include any of these items. All opinions are 100% my own.

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