Battle of the Brands – Beauty Blender vs Kmart Sponge

I am pretty excited to write this post because finding great dupes and saving money is something that is very enjoyable for me. I have heard very good things about this Kmart sponge in the past, so I thought that I would give it a go. The Beauty Blender has been around for a long time and is extremely famous, however, many other companies have brought out sponges, so let’s see how these compare.

BB vs Kmart


  • Brand – Kmart
  • Price – $3
  • Sizes – 1


  • Brand – Beauty Blender
  • Price – $25
  • Sizes – 3


Now straight off the bat, there isn’t much to compare between the two of them. Since these are makeup tools, there aren’t really many varieties and even though both companies sell a variety of colours, it doesn’t really affect the product. Beauty Blender does sell a variety of different blenders, but if I am correct, most of them are just different colours under more unique names; personally, I find that to be a bit gimmicky. However, BB does sell different sizes which include the original, a large body blender, a smaller one for blush and an even smaller one for under the eyes. I personally have only ever used the original, but I do not personally see the point of the blush or micro one.

If I am honest, straight up, there is not a huge difference between the two of them. Now when you first look at the sponges dry, the Kmart sponge is a decent bit bigger, however, when wet, they both expand a fair bit, but the Beauty Blender ended up being about the same. Now the Kmart sponge is a little bit denser than the BB, but it isn’t an extreme difference. They both feel very soft and lovely, especially when damp. The shape of the sponges is also very similar, however, the Kmart sponge is a little larger and flatter on the bottom and I personally found that this made the application of my foundation go much faster.

BB vs Kmart 1

As for the application, once again, there wasn’t a huge difference. When I use both sponges, I definitely think that my foundation looks very flawless and has no streaks which you might get if you used a brush. I found that both tips of the sponges made applying concealer around my eyes very easy and since the shapes are so similar, I can bounce them both on my skin. I did, however, as mentioned, found that the Kmart sponge went a little faster as the sponge is a little thicker around the bottom. The only big difference between the two though is that the Kmart sponge seems to make my foundation have a teeny bit less coverage. If I was to scale it down, with the same foundation, beauty blender would give about a 4 coverage and Kmart about a 3-3.5, so nothing dramatic.


Overall, I really can’t tell a big difference between the two of them. Both of them seem to have their pros and cons; the beauty blender is extremely expensive while the Kmart sponge does sheer out my foundation just a tad. But the thing is though, I would have to go with the Kmart sponge as my prefered winner. I just find that it is extremely affordable, comes in tons of cool colours, is very accessible for us Aussies and even though it doesn’t make my foundation as full coverage, it’s only by a small bit. Yes the beauty blender is a wonderful sponge and if you are happy to pay that price, then it is a great product, but I do think you can save some money and get a great sponge for a lot less.


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Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money and have not been paid to include any of the products or links.

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