Vintage Sewing Pattern Collection

When it comes to sewing, only this year have I really gotten to a point where I feel as though my skills have improved and I have wanted to move on from skirts to dresses. When it came to making skirts, I never really used a pattern, but now I want to make dresses, I have been investing in some fun patterns.

I’m not going to lie, I have not used many of these patterns as of yet so this is not a review but rather a collection post. I have been working on two dresses recently and one is going well while the other one, not so much; however, I will share all of that later.


Simplicity SL107


This first pattern is not necessarily a vintage pattern as I do believe it was only released very recently, however, I do think the style of this dress is super 50s. The skirt is very flowy and I do believe it is a circle skirt, which is my personal favourite. There are two different top designs to add to your skirt.

Burda 6925


This next pattern once again is not an actual vintage pattern, but instead had that amazing vibe. My beautiful Mum made me B and even though the today is fantastic, my Mum did say it was a little strange with the instructions.


Simplicity 1784


I got this pattern mainly for the pants, however, I also really loved top A and thought it would suit my vintage style. A few things in this pattern are not very vintage, but that is not really a big deal.


Simplicity 1166


Finally, a true vintage pattern. This a traditional 50s pattern remake and I really do love it. The skirts I believe are the same, however, you get the choice of two different tops. These skirts are not normally what I wear, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try some new styles.


Simplicity 1254


When I first saw this pattern, I just fell in love. I will admit, it is not the most vintage style coat out there, but I still think it would fit in a very traditional wardrobe.


Mccalls 6953


This next pattern is another one of those patterns that at first doesn’ look vintage, but at closer look really is. The bodice of this dress is a little basic, but I do really like it. The skirt is also very flowy and comes with a few different twists which would be nice for a vintage/modern mix dress.


Mccalls M7184


When I saw this pattern, I was just taken back by the raw beauty of this style. I own a few Pinafore style dresses/skirts and just love them so much. I was pretty excited to get the chance to make my own.


Vogue V8789


I don’ 100% remember where I picked this pattern up from, but this is another true vintage pattern. I really liked the design of dress A and even though I don’t think dress B would suit me, I still love this pattern.


Butterick B6018h

This is a pattern that I am so excited to make. I really love the sleeves on these dresses and also just adore this skirt. I don’t own many Butterick patterns, but this is a very lovely one.


Simplicity 1459btyehjety

This was one of the first patterns I ever bought about a year ago and I still, unfortunately, haven’t used it. I really adore the gathered skirt and the top portion of this dress. I will admit, I am terrified to make a collar and I think that’s why I haven’t attempted it yet.


Simplicity 8051


I only just recently bought this pattern and I am really looking forward to making it. I really enjoy dresses that have interesting designs and just really loved the cut out on the back of this dress.



Mccalls M7081


This is another one of those patterns that don’t look overly vintage at first, but with the circle skirt and fun tops, can be vintage. I am currently working on this pattern and find it pretty easy for a beginner in the dressmaking department.


Simplicity 8251




This pattern is probably one of the ones I am most excited about. As another true vintage pattern, I just can’t wait to buy some more sophisticated fabric and make a beautiful dress from this pattern. I won’t lie, this dress is a little intimidating, but I still can’t wait.


Simplicity 8085

v ty.jpg


When I first saw this pattern, it just caught my eye. I love that not only is this a true vintage pattern but that it is so interesting. I might even go as far as to say that this dress might look good back to front; I won’t know till I try it on though.


Mccalls M7625


Once again, I just got so excited when I saw this pattern. It is very different from what I currently wear, but I am so interested in trying new things. This pattern looks a little complicated, but all I can do is give it a go.


Vogue V1043



Finally, my last pattern. This is another true vintage pattern and I really liked the interesting top of this dress. This dress looks very classic and I thought this would look lovely.


So those are all of the patterns that I currently own. When it comes to my skirts, I don’t typically use a pattern as I either make circle skirts or gathered skirts and both of those don’t really need patterns. I have just gotten into sewing dresses and I can’t wait to share more.

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  1. You have lots of amazing patterns!
    Don’t be afraid to give new things a go, like the collar – it is all learning and making mistakes will get you there quicker in the end! If there is anything I am unsure of, I do a try out in cheap fabric (old sheets are good too!) which really helps!


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