December Empties

I really enjoyed last months empties post and you guy seemed to as well, so I thought I would make this a monthly thing. My empties this month were definitely a lot of things I use on a regular basis and mostly consist of shower items. I find that you get a much better idea if you really like a product once you have completely used it up, which helps me give you guys a great review.


TRESemme Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

December Empties 1

TRESemme is one of my favourite brands of shampoo and conditioner as I find them to be very affordable, but also very good quality. I did really love the smell of this as it was very fresh and had coconut in it. I can’t say too much about it because I personally, have never had a shampoo or conditioner blow me away; as long as my hair feels soft and clean, I am happy. This normally retails for $10.99 at Priceline, however, they are always having sales, which helps bring the price down.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes, if on sale
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Daiso Face Mask

December Empties 2

I decided to give these Daiso face masks ago since they were only $2.80 for a pack of 2, I thought this would have been a great bargain if they were good. I really did enjoy these face masks, I found that my skin felt so soft and lovely afterwards. Chris also tried one of these and also really enjoyed it too. I tried the Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen one, now I didn’t really notice a difference between the two, but they were still very pleasant. I would most definitely use them again and didn’t notice a difference between this one and the more expensive Garnier ones.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Daiso Compressed Face Masks

December Empties 3

This was another Daiso face mask, but instead, these were the compressed ones. Now if you are sure what they are, basically the face mask is dry and compressed, you then put the mask into your own liquid and the mask soaks everything up, then you have a face mask. There were 10 masks in this pack which was only $2.80, which is an incredible price for face masks. The liquid that I used was a mixture of Aloe Vera, sunflower oil and water; I found that this made my skin so soft and really helped with hydration. I also really liked that these masks had ear straps that you could put around your ears to keep the mask on, which is great for me as I often don’t have time to just lay with a face mask and am normally multitasking.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Schwarzkopf Magnificent Strength Self-Warming Serum

December Empties 4

Now I am just going to come right out and say that I hated this product. I used up most of it, a small amount is left, but I just couldn’t deal with this serum anymore. I initially bought this when I bought my shampoo and conditioner which was all matching and I really loved those products and have used them many times. I just found that with this serum, it was very liquidy which was hard to use. The instructions say to use 3-4 pumps of product, but I often had to use like over 10 and it still didn’t feel like enough; I also found this wear considering I have medium/short hair. I liked that it self-heated, but I found that this was more of a novelty than something that actually helped my hair. I did not find that this product did anything to help my hair, so in the end, I just gave up on it. I really did try to make this product work, but in end, I just had enough and wanted to use a better product. This retails at Priceline for $9.99.

  • Would I repurchase? No
  • Would I recommend to others? No


Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream


I have only started using night creams in the last six months and really love the way they make my skin feel. I have used this night cream a few times and find that it is just a lovely moisturiser. The texture is extremely thick, which I really like and I also found that this tub, although seemly small, actually lasted me a really long time. This product can be bought from Priceline for $12.99.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

December Empties 8

This is by far one of my holy grail concealers of all time. I have used so many of these in the past and will always continue to repurchase this product. I absolutely love the applicator and find that it makes applying the product so easy and effortless. I also really love the formula as I find that it covers my dark circles and lasts all day. On a regular day, I will just wear this with a small amount of powder, but on the weekends, I will use this over the top of the foundation. This is just really a lovely product, however, it does retail for $18.95 at Priceline and I do think that that is a bit rich for a drugstore concealer; I normally wait for a sale to purchase this item.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes, if on sale
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Anatomicals Vanilla Body Lotion

December Empties 9

Anatomicals is one of my favourite brands and I just love how cheeky/funny their products are. I really liked the way this body lotion smelt and it wasn’t too intense with fragrance as I know some people don’t like that. I don’t think there is too much to say about this, it is just a body lotion and I really liked it. I think you can get it from ASOS for $8.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes, if on sale
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry

December Empties 10.jpg

I don’t think I have to go into this one too much as I know so many people absolutely just love this dry shampoo. I really do get why it smells great and really does help with oils. I use this dry shampoo a lot more in summer and it really is just great. I think you can get this from Chemist Warehouse for $9.95 and it does last a really long time.

  • Would I repurchase? Yes
  • Would I recommend to others? Yes


Revlon Colorstay Eye liner

December Empties 11

My last empty this month was my Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black. I often used this on my waterline and to be honest, I had mixed feelings. Sometimes this eyeliner would go on so easy, smooth and dark, yet other times I really had to work to get it to show up. It may not be designed for the water line, but the fact it sometimes worked kind of annoying me and it is also waterproof, which would mean great for the water line. I did like the packaging and that it was a windup. I also did like that it lasted all day (when it went on), other than that, I wasn’t a huge fan. I didn’t hate it, but I would repurchase. I also think it is very overpriced since it retails $23.95 from Chemist Warehouse, I do believe I managed to get mine on sale.

  • Would I repurchase? No
  • Would I recommend to others? No



So those were all of my empties for this month. Some of them I absolutely loved and others not so much. I really do enjoy making empties posts as I know more about the product once I have fulled used it, rather than only have used it a few times.

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Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money and I have not been paid to mention any of these products or include any links. All opinions are my own. 


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