Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $25 – Makeup

I am so excited to come back with another Stocking Stuffers Under $25 post. Christmas really is a special time of the year and we all want to buy presents that our loved one ‘actually’ want to use. A lot of different woman really love makeup and I am most definitely one of those woman. I have done a fair bit of research in order to find some great gifts under the $25 mark that I believe a makeup lover will really love.


Palette To Go $12 – Sephora

Makeup Stocking Stuffer.jpg

I personally have never used a Sephora branded item before, but I have heard amazing things. This palette includes 4 eye shadows, 2 lip shades and 1 blush, which I do honestly think is fantastic for either a woman on the go, or a woman who travels a lot. There are two shades to pick from Neutral Pop or Neutral Intense (in the photo) and if I am honest, I do think the pop shades are a little weird as they include a two blue shades, which I know most woman would not like; however I do think the intense palette is much more suited to a wide variety of woman.


Liquid Lipsticks Collection $20 – Chi Chi

stocking stuffer

Chi Chi has honestly become one of my most favourite makeup brands in the past coming year as they are not only affordable, but really great quality. Now if you are anything like me, I remember the time when Chi Chi was extremely bad and cheap, so I used to stay well away, but after seeing many other beauty bloggers say they are great, I decided to give them ago. I think this liquid lipstick collection would be fantastic for any woman who loves lipstick. There is a wide range of colours in the collection starting out with nude and going all the way to red.


i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette $19.95 – Sleek

stocking  2.PNG

I was having a little look on the Target website when I came across Sleek which has been a very popular brand for a long time. I have heard that Sleek eye shadow palettes are very good quality and are also surprisingly affordable. These palettes came in 4 different shades which included AU Natural (in the photo), Oh So SpecialA New Day and Vintage Romance. I personally really like them all and I think depending on the lady you are buying for, at least one of them should do the trick.


Eye Spy Eyeshadow Palette $15.95 – Australis


Australis is another one of those companies that I just adore as they are super affordable and yet great quality. I found these really cool eyeshadow palettes that consist of 5 really versatile colours. The palettes either come in Nude or Smokey which really will suit a wide range of woman. These palettes are only $15.95 which will make for a great present or stocking stuffer.


So there you have it, some of my gift ideas for a makeup junkie like myself. I really do love makeup and I would be very happy to receive any of these. I would think that gift sets or palettes would be the way to go vs a single item as there would be more colours to choose from in case the lovely lady doesn’t 100% like all the colours.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to mention any of these products and I genuinely believe that many woman would enjoy these gifts. None of these pictures are mine, but I have links avaliable to all the sites in which these products and photos can be found.


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