My First Pinup Competition -Rosebud Foreshore Rockfest

So this past weekend, I was extremely excited to attend the Rosebud Foreshore Rockfest to enter the Pinup Competition which was proudly sponsored by the Rosebud Vintage Bazaar. This was my first Pinup Competition and I was super nervous, but really looking forward to it.

We started off the day pretty early as we live in Melbourne and the drive was nearly two hours. I have my hair all set in pin curls the night before and had everything prepared for the morning. I decided to go with this beautiful Collectif skirt which is just one of my favourites and I wanted to make sure I felt confident while I was on stage.

For the rest of my outfit, I tried to wear as much vintage as possible. This top was a vintage find that I found at my local thrift shop and I am seriously so lucky to come across it. The shoes were from Merchant and were kindly gifted to me for my 21st birthday by my amazing boyfriend. Although they are not in this photo, I also had a vintage bag that was also gifted to me, but this time from one of my friend’s Mum.

When it came to the competition side of things, I honestly was so nervous. I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and loving all of the Melbourne Pinups were. When I think of a competition, I think of woman battling it out to be the winner and not being friendly to the newbie; but this was nothing like that all. This was not only my first pageant but I also really didn’t know many of the other ladies. All of these beautiful Pinups were so friendly, welcoming and just flat out kind. The back room felt like a bunch of girlfriends all hanging around, taking selfies and sharing compliments; it most definitely did not feel like we were basically competing against each other.

When it finally came to going on stage, I really did not feel prepared. My mindset going into this was honestly to wing it. I know I probably should have been more prepared, but the thing is, I didn’t want to disappoint myself if I didn’t do a routine because I was nervous; I also didn’t want the pressure of having to remember too much. Going into a Pinup Pageant ‘winging it’ was probably not the best idea, but I am kind of glad I was able to just relax a bit as much as I could.

Now that I have done a competition, I have to admit I probably won’t be doing any more in the near future. I really enjoyed being on stage and wasn’t too nervous about that, however, I didn’t really feel like myself. Many of the other women perform an act on stage and some of them even went as far as to play out a character; now I loved that so much, watching these other ladies on stage were fantastic, but that wasn’t really me. I personally didn’t really know how to tell a story or do any acting and so for me, I don’t really think it is my thing. I love being creative and crafty, but I don’t think that I have the performing side in me.

The other reason I wasn’t a huge fan of competing was the pressure. As I said before, being on stage doesn’t make me too nervous, I feel fine with every staring at me. The thing is though, when I have performed in the past, there were no judges and that for me, is what made me so nervous. I think I would enjoy very much to do the best dress contest or even a non judged a contest like the Melbourne GreazeFest 2016 as the pressure of not being judged would make me enjoy the experience a lot more.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who was in the Pinup Competition. You guys made this day not only so fun, but also helped me with being nervous. Thank you also to the photographers who captured some amazing photos and thank you to everyone who made this day what it was.

foreshore 9


Tracey Moran

Martin Creely

Brett Allen


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It was a fantastic day out and I am glad I have met such wonderful woman. Please don’t forget to follow my blog and my social media.


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