Clothing Review – Louella DeVille Winnie Dress

I have been so excited to do this post ever since I first started my blog. Your One Stop Pinup Shop is an online vintage company that I have been using ever since I first started wearing vintage and when I found out that she started her own line of clothes a while ago, I was so excited. I decided to review one of my favourite dresses I own which is this beautiful dress by Louella DeVille.

(Disclaimer, I am not getting paid to do this review and I bought this dress with my own money)


Louella DeVille Red Plaid Winnie Dress 3

This beautiful dress is the Louella DeVille Red Plaid Winnie Dress which retails for $129AUD. This dress is available in eight different sizes ranging from 8 – 22.

One of the things that I love the most about Louella DeVille clothing is the amazing range of sizes that is on offer. For this dress in particular the sizing is a tad strange. I bought my usual size in this particular dress and because of the extreme low cut, you get amazing cleavage when wearing this dress in your true size. I also purchased the Navy Summer Rose Winnie Dress, which has a beautiful rose design and I decided to size up a bit as I didn’t think mega boobs would look as good with that pattern and I found that buy sizing up, you get less cleavage; which can be good or bad depending on what you would like.


The next thing I love about this dress is the quality. I personally do not know how much is costs to make retail clothing, but this dress is a wee little bit pricey. Now I say that lightly because quality is very important in clothing and especially when you fall in love with an item, then it falls apart, it’s very disappointing. Even though I do own dresses which are much cheaper, I do love the way this dress has been made. The fabric is very soft, the stitching is lovely and the buttons are sewn on very strong. The quality of this dress makes the price worth it and I also love supporting small businesses vs big companies.

Louella DeVille Red Plaid Winnie Dress 6

The neckline of this dress is what really attracted me to purchasing this garment. The neckline is a very deep V line which has buttons that do the whole dress up at the front. The skirt of this dress is a beautiful and big which allows plenty of volume with a petticoat underneath. I also adore the pattern of this dress as plaid is one of my most favourite prints and is extremely vintage.


One of the biggest benefits of this dress is the pockets. I adore any dress or skirt that has pockets as it makes the whole outfit much more functional. The greatest thing about these pockets is that they actually are quite large which is fantastic for holding my phone and anything else I may need to carry.


Louella DeVille Red Plaid Winnie Dress 10

I really do love this dress and would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a little cleavage.

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