Day in the Life – Road Trip & Thrift Shopping

Hey Everyone!

So I have been lucky to recently get two weeks off work before I set up my own business. In this time, I have tried to make the most and go out as much as I can whilst still relaxing. A few days ago Chris and I took a little road trip down to Ocean Grove, then stopped at a few Thrift Shops along the way home.



So we started off the day by heading to Ocean Grove, which is a little down the coast line from Geelong here in Victoria. The weather was almost too perfect for a beautiful long drive, the sun was shining and the heat was turned up a tad. It was lovely to be in the car with music playing and letting the scenery take over. It is kind of funny, I love dressing vintage and don’t mind listening to vintage, however John Mayer and Three Days Grace really are my favourites.


Once we finally got to Ocean Grove, I was taken back by how amazing the beaches looked. I am originally from the Queensland and all of the beaches up there are just amazing compared to the ones down in Victoria, so when I saw this beautiful blue water, I was home again. Unfortunately we didn’t really know where we were planning on stopping so we forgot to bring our swimmers, which is a shame because the weather has changed a lot since only a few days ago.

Our next stop was off to the Salvos. Thrift shopping is by far one of my favourite things to do as I just love fashion so much, but unfortunately I never seem to get much time to go. I was very excited to go visit some thrift shops in a different area. I just recently made a post about My Thrift Shopping Tips, so you can go check that out if you are interested in Thrift Shopping.

We were lucky enough to go to two different thrift shops in the local area. One of the thrift shops was quite small and the other was one of the biggest Salvos I have ever seen. I was able to walk away with two dresses, one swim suit, an old fashioned shrug, a sweater and some bed sheets which I hope to turn into fabric to make clothes out of.

The thing about thrift shopping is that not everything is a win. I know sometimes when I see other bloggers go thrift shopping, it is like they always find perfect items. I included some photos of things that did not look so good on me as proof that things don’t always work out at the thrift shop but it is still worth going (I didn’t purchase the long sleeve dress).

That was our day ‘Day in Life‘. I hope to do more of these as I really enjoy seeing what other people get up to. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media.

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Brittany 😉

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